Language Course

Enables you to communicate with the world around and serve it better.

Spoken English Beginners/Intermediate & Advanced levels

Practicing speaking is one of the most fun and rewarding parts of learning English. Once you can speak even a little English, there are loads of ways to improve your skills quickly while having tons of fun. Be confident and speak as often as possible to as many people as you possibly can! Do not be shy to make mistakes! The more you practice the better and more confident you will become in your pronunciation and vocabulary.

Based on your current level of listening, speaking, reading, writing, grammar and confidence, we allot suitable levels for you. We use technology and plenty of techniques to enhance your English Speaking skills.

We offer English Group Classes, Small Group Tutoring and 1 to 1 Programs to suit all levels. Whether you are a complete beginner interested in learning a new language, or an experienced speaker looking to brush up on your existing skills, we offer a range of English language classes to suit you. If you are unsure of your level, we will happily schedule a free assessment with no obligations before the course begins.

Business English

Business English is considered a special branch within the general studies of English due to the use of specialized vocabulary and jargon. A good grasp of the knowledge of English in general as well as a deep understanding of special forms are needed to successfully build a career in an international environment. This knowledge is important for both written and oral forms of communication, such as email, letters, phone calls, meetings, presentations and many more.

Business English refers to the communication skills used in the workplace, and focuses on the language and skills needed for typical business communication such as presentations, negotiations, meetings, small talk, socializing, correspondence, report writing, and a systematic approach and it focuses on vocabulary and topics used in the worlds of business, trade, finance, and international relations.

Spoken Arabic- Beginners & Advanced Levels

Working or staying in Emirates and unable to communicate in Arabic? Then you miss a lot of fun and sometimes it is like living with a disability.

Arabic is quickly becoming one of the world's most important languages. With more than 240 million speakers that span many regions and several continents, Arabic is one of the top ten most spoken languages on the planet.

The language itself is fundamentally different from English and other European languages, so it is important for beginning learners to be aware of these differences in form and structure from the start.

Learn Arabic from native speakers and make your life and work easier.